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Growing up in an inner city suburb of New York City, I was troublesome and not quite the studious child while both parents worked full time and grandparents raised me. I was lucky to have family teach me hard work, ethics and surrounded myself by mentors.

Fast forward…..

March 15th 2021 started with VMware as a Technical Account Manager, I’ve been describing this as landing my “dream job”, you may ask “why?”. I wanted to take on a role that will challenge me to independently keep myself up to par with technology and be a resource to our customers and peers. This was also my step at a crossroads from continuing to be an engineer or grow professionally. I drove myself tirelessly reading up about the position, listening to VMware related podcasts, understand the technologies, especially the relevant ones that I worked on day in, day out. This required being immersed in the technology, practicing at home via home lab, pursuing certification and leading the Sacramento VMUG chapter during an unforeseen pandemic in 2020.

I’ve so far successfully wrapped up 2 weeks filled with training, lots of content to cover and genuinely want to bring value to our customers.

Before embarking on this journey, I was also ecstatic to be accepted into earning my first vExpert, never thought I was worthy of applying but I can see the value of how recognition drives me to want to do more to contribute.

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