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Here I go

I’m someone that leverages the internet for a lot of things, whether it be working on something around the house, figuring out why something is not working right in my role and general home lab issues I face at home. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet some good folks from various companies that I look to as mentors in my field. I try to take note of what they do for professional development and how they market their skills.

I keep sitting at a blank canvas when it comes to either my lab or even this site. Devoting time to talk about myself and keeping humble about it comes with some challenges. I wanted to keep running a site for myself as a way to hold myself accountable and document my journey.

Fast forward to today 8/15/2020 and I have 13 classes to go for my Bachelors Degree, planning on taking a little bit of a break to work towards the Advanced Deploy VMware vSphere 6.7 certification.

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