QuickTip: What version of VMTools is on a ESXi host?

If you have been working with any kind of virtualization software, you will generally encounter a set of drivers that provide software for hardware to interact with a virtual machine. These are known as ‘drivers’ and allow interaction, performance optimization and many other features. With VMware, VMTools (Windows or Linux) can be delivered in many different ways.

One way in vSphere 7.x to find the available Tools Package on a ESXi; highlight a host, click ‘Updates’, under Baselines click ‘Show Installed’

Once the installed host extensions appear, you can filter on the ‘Name’ column and search for ‘tool’

If you want to cross-reference the Tool build with version number, the following VMware URL is a great resource for that.


There are many other ways, please feel free to share. I personally would like to script the process to poll all hosts in an environment and report back what tools image is installed on a host.

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  1. If you use cluster level LCM images. Click the ESXi Host > Configure > Packages > filter for tools under the name column!

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