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VMware Aria Operations Cloud Proxy Deployment

In the following document I want to demonstrate the steps in deploying a Aria Operations Cloud Proxy. My reason for this deployment is to monitor services on Windows Server Guest VMs and even physical!

While there are many ways to get to Cloud Proxy deployment, all roads eventually lead to the section in Aria Ops. The following is one example.

Click on ‘Configure Cloud Proxy’ and it will take you under ‘Data Sources’ option to the left.

Click ‘Add”

Click the button indicated below to begin OVA download, this will be downloading from the Aria Operations appliance itself and should match the version of Aria Operations you are running in your datacenter.

I will jump over some steps of deploying the OVA template in vSphere assuming folks reading are familiar.

Be sure to review the following settings before you copy your registration key. The key changes if you choose to enable ‘Data Persistence’

Once the appliance has been stood, if successful, the collector should now appear in ‘Cloud Proxies’

You can also now see the 2 accounts which are included by default.

If we go back to review our Telegraft Agents, you can now see there are VMs being recognized which we can push agents out to.

Next article will be deploying the agent onto Windows Server VM or physical servers.

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