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Fix NSX 4.1.0 ‘Install Skipped’ During Host Preparation in a vLCM Cluster

With VMware vSphere 8.x out and vSphere Lifecycle manager making the shift from individual baselines to cluster images, there are some additional encounters you may have when integrating with our solutions from VMware or even other vendors.

I encountered an error recently in NSX during host preperation I received the following error.

When clicking on the error for details and steps, you see

Go to the VMware Cluster >> Updates >> Image

You can perform an Image Compliance check manually or you will find there is my problematic host not showing compliant because it is missing NSX vibs

Click ‘Remediate All’, review your remediation settings and click ‘Remediate’. Once Remediation completes, I decided to reboot the host and once it came back up, inside NSX Manager I located the node and to the far right clicked on ‘View Details’ and click ‘Resolve’ to the prompt.

Monitor the installation status

This completed successfully, as the host now shows as prepared and ‘Success’

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